* PC Monitor, Notebook LCD, Phone LCD, Lens
CAP(§¤) 80 120
HEATER(kw) 3 5
BLOWER(kw) 0.2 0.4
LEADER 0.93 0.93
USE TEMP(¡É) 140 140
WIDTH 1100 1150
DEPTH 850 850
HEIGHT 1750 1800
FEED LINE(¡Ë) 38 38
COMPRESSOR(kw) 2.2 3.7

[Each part Nomination of LCD Dehumidifying Dryer]

¢¸ Material Tank

* As the inflow of impure material from outward is prevented, the condition of clean
material can be maintained.
* In case of feeding material, clean air is used adopting the Micro Filter(0.3§­).

*Clean and stable drying air which is purified and dehumidified through the compressed air is generated. So, ultra drying of material is realized.
* Micro Filter(0.3§­) with high temperature use is mounted on this equipment. in order to be removed the foreign material of Drying air in raw material. So, the causes such as, black spot and gas inferiority is eliminated completely.

¢¸ Material Discharge Valve

* Revolution type of valve equipment using the actuator.
* In case of raw material discharge, dust particles is not exist at all.
* Material is fed using the only dry air. So, the remained material is not exist from
the feeding line.

¢¸ Separating Mini Clone Hopper

* The equipment is designed and manufactured to be removed the dust containing in raw material and the dust generating during feeding. It is very easy to assemble and dissemble, and the installationn of equipment is convenient.

¢¸ N2 Generator

* In case of drying of material, the phenomenon of yellow change can be restrained.
As a result. Luminosity of LCD screen can be maintained to be clear.
This equipment is N2 generator.

LCD Prodction
Optical fiber prodcution

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